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資深教練 - Matthew

Interview with the lead coach - Matthew

Q: 點解開始學習泰拳?

A: 當初學泰拳算係誤打誤撞,不過學咗啲基本技術之後就越來越有興趣,後來成為正式教練,而家已經有5年了。


Q: 好多女士近年都鍾意打拳修身,你會點幫佢哋呢?

A: 以泰拳減肥絕對有根有據,因為泰拳好多動作,包括拳、腿、肘、膝嘅反覆運用,可以利用身體每一部份嘅肌肉,不斷努力嘅練習加上我哋Devil Fitness嘅爆汗課程,一定可以燃燒多餘嘅卡路里同埋脂肪。以減肥瘦身嚟講,每個人都有不同需要,加上資質、經驗都會唔同,所以我哋主要以小班教學,方便我可以就每個學員嘅需要同埋程度作出適當嘅指導,協助大家達到目標。


Q: 教泰拳嘅趣事?

A: 我發現好多新學員初初會好怕醜、好尷尬,或者見到高級學員練習嘅時候會好驚,我會多啲同佢哋傾計,分散一下佢哋嘅注意力,等佢哋無咁緊張。


Q: How did you start practicing Muay Thai?

A: It was a happy coincident that I started learning this sport, but once I’ve mastered the basic skills I realized I’m already in love with boxing. That’s how I’ve become a coach for over 5 years now.


Q: More and more ladies look to boxing to get into a better shape, how do you help them?

A: It has been proven that Thai boxing is a very effective weight-loss sport, since repetitive moves including punch, kick, elbow, knee utilize every muscles of the body. At Devil Fitness, our sweat-inducing course is designed to burn excessive calories and fat, and since we tend to teach in small class, I can help each student according to their special needs and skills.


Q: Any stories to share with us?

A: I find that many students are very shy when they first started, or are intimidated by our experienced students, which is where I step in to chat with them, distract them, so that they will get used to our training quickly. At the same time, I like to practice with our experiences fighters, which is where we all improve by fighting different styles of combat.


Participated Fights Included: 


Hong Kong Thai Boxing Championship – Male Grade B 57Kg Champion

China Wushuu Sanda Hong Kong Cup – Male Newcomer 60Kg Champion



Hong Kong National Day Memorial Cup – Merit



Fu Tak KF 1 King of Boxing – Round 13 – World Professional Fight – Merit



Windy Hong Kong 2015 – 60kg

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